We have the network and realize your project

You have ideas you want to implement. And now ask yourself: how do you find the right agency for your ideas? Should you hire a traditional advertising agency? Or rather a brand agency with brand management experience? Maybe a marketing agency after all? A digital agency? PR agency? How much external expertise do you need for design, film, photo, text and programming? What about social media? Does the success of the project require certain knowledge? The solution: an agency that forms teams around your idea.

Cherry-Picking – The best skills for your ideas

We tailor for you teams of creative minds with exactly the skill sets that are needed to realize your ideas. Customizable down to the last detail. We have thrown the outdated agency model and the ballast of cumbersome, time-consuming and costly structures overboard. Selected professionals work side by side with the year’s best university graduates, excellent freelancers and lateral entrants or with young exceptional photographers. As Customized Creative Squads, they are up to special challenges.

For all ideas and situations - efficient, self-sufficient, transparent

The beauty of ideas and projects: they are always different, always unique. Sometimes there is only a small budget. But we always want to create something special. Then we will help with the financing. Sometimes your idea will only “fly” if it is cleverly conceived, thought through in detail and thoroughly tested and checked before the launch – all by the best in the creative scene. Your Customized Creative Squad can work remotely, operate from our premises (expandable) or be integrated into your workflow. This is New Work!

You can experience how we make your project a reality

In your Customized Creative Squad each individual takes responsibility for the common success. For all questions you have a permanent Art Director at Kultmacher, with whom you can always clarify all details. He is your interface and leads the squad artistically. The project is coordinated by our smart and highly adaptable tool setup. All project processes are easily understandable and can always be viewed live.

Leave us a message, then we can start directly!