Start today with the right freelancers

You are working on your idea, but don’t know which agency is the right one to implement your project? We offer you the solution and form the perfect Team for you. So that you can be successful – with a Creative Team that’s just right for you! Cleverly conceived, thought through in detail and comprehensively tested and checked before the launch, we make your idea fly.

✔  Adaptable to every individual project requirement

✔  Immediate start and efficient project management

Cherry picking: worldwide pool of experts

We have a worldwide pool of highly specialized freelancers in the areas of strategy, design, programming, photography, film, animation, text and more. They are award winners, career changers and young exceptional talents. Together we will find exactly the right skill set for the implementation of your ideas. Reliable, fast and of high quality. If the subject are very detailed, then we do headhunting.

✔  Worldwide pool of professional freelancers from all creative disciplines

✔  Headhunting of any special ability required

Configuration: Individual for your ideas and situation.

We always want to create something special – no matter what the conditions. Rather local or worldwide? Cheap or top league? Your Customized Creative Team can work remotely, be integrated into our premises (expandable at will) or into your on-site workflow. That’s New Work!

✔  Transparent and adaptable at any time thanks to smart tool setup

With smart method to project success

The coordination of your project takes place through our smart tool setup. A permanent Art Director at Kultmacher is the interface to your Customized Creative Team and takes over the strategic-creative management. Everyone in his or her field is responsible for the joint success. Together we can reach our goal smartly. Write us a message, then we can start directly!

✔  Fully managed by Project Manager and Art Director

✔  Reduced costs and minimized risk